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About Us

A contemporary brand with an artisanal focus, founded in 2018 in Ukraine.
We are cultivating a spirit of adventure with social, environmental, and ethical issues at heart. We respect traditional crafts and techniques so that we can preserve a part of history.

We create artistic and personal pieces from high-quality materials which are more environmentally responsible: cool linen, pure cotton, and silk.

We are honored to use handwork and contemporary machine technologies to make our garments. A combination of traditional Ukrainian ornament and ancient technique hand-stitches such as “Puhlyk,” “Zbyranka,” and “Richeliue” make our collections unique. Each piece is made with care in our workshop in Bucha, Ukraine.

We are proud of our ancestry and traditional ethnic craftsmanship, so we revive it with modern fashion interpretation.

The brand was created to produce a high-quality yet affordable and elegant line of bohemian clothing for women who live free through fashion, art, and travel. Each piece is designed to flow easily from vacation to everyday life - feminine luxury with multi-tasking functionality. Our unique items are perfect for evening parties, travel, cocktail, prom, homecoming, weddings, and any other formal affair.

ANNABO represents a free-spirited lifestyle, culturally diverse, and boho chic.